Hi!! My name is Elizabeth, I am from Ontario, Canada. I move here about 2 years ago from New York. I moved here because my husband is Canadian and has two small children.

I work in a pediatric clinic as an Occupational Therapist, and my husband an I are expecting our first child early October, 2018. We decided to move from our current home to have a little bit more room for our growing family, however, the thought of going on maternity leave with barely making enough between us two to have anything left over to actually enjoy our family & our home became real, and scary! I realized neither one of us could put in more hours a week, he is already working 60-80 hours a week, and I am clinic based which has a very unpredictable work week. And when the baby comes, what then?!

Short of us trying to fit in more hours a week now or stay in the position we are in – I didn’t know what to do. One day I landed on a link on my Facebook page, and I watched the video of someone who was in a similar position that we are in! There are so many people in the same position, feeling uneasy about how to manage, feeling like there isn’t a way to make it work. I realized I needed to do something. I needed to make a change, to take a chance! 

What I learned from this video was how they got out of that situation and what they did to take control of their freedom! It inspired me to take action for myself, and my family. Since being apart of this, I am actually seeing the results from making such a simple choice!   
The support, the mentorship and community available to me has made this experience so amazing and motivating – I have managed to change my life not just for myself, but for my family and our growing family!

NOW it’s YOUR Turn!! Learn more - Click the link below or send me a PM to learn more on how you can do this, too!!

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Elizabeth Silenzi